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Executive Coaching and Training

Increasing the effectiveness of just one person increases the effectiveness of an entire organization. At The Inside Coach, we specialize in the development of executives and managers to increase the overall productivity of your company.

Our individual coaching programs are based on building a confidential one-on-one coaching relationship where self-evaluation can be honest, and genuine professional development can occur. The coaching process begins with a combination of in-depth interviews and assessments to identify the candidate's development needs.

Once clear objectives are agreed upon, leading-edge skills and interpersonal disciplines are combined with on-the-job implementation to create a powerful shift in performance, effectiveness, and leadership ability. Coaching engagements are usually 6 months in length and generally include:

  • The Inside Coach 360 multi-rater assessment with phone interviews
  • Myers-Briggs Step II personality profile
  • Individual development plans
  • Development workbook
  • Progress coaching sessions with manager, candidate and HR Representative

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