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Virtual Team Meeting

LeadershipLAB is a quarterly interactive discussion forum to explore best practices in leadership and organization development.  Featured topics are derived from our community and workplace observation from our seasoned, Hudson Certified Executive Coaches.

Dawn Kohler
Dawn is a former award-winning CEO and a master level executive coach with over 25 years of experience. Her clients span the globe and include many of the most influential leaders in Media and Entertainment.

Todd Weinstein
Todd is an executive coach (PCC) whose experience includes leading teams inside Fortune 500 companies. Currently, his executive-level coaching clients span diverse industries and have included leaders at Mayo Clinic, Nike, Whole Foods, LinkedIn, and PetSmart.

Upcoming Events

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11 AM - 12:30 PM (PDT)

Leadership in the Post-Pandemic Era

The workplace is once again going through significant shifts. Traditional models are breaking down and we have seen a growing disconnect between C-level leaders and their workforce. The pandemic changed the mindset of our employees and empowered people in ways that many leaders are now finding it difficult to manage. In the post-pandemic era, how do we unite these key constituents to harness and direct our companies towards efficiency, talent retention, and prosperity?
We invite you to an open and interactive discussion on this significant topic. Together we will share insights and give you a few tips on what we see working well in the most dynamic companies. Hope you can join us.

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