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Image by Héctor J. Rivas

Leader As Coach

Image by Campaign Creators

Managing tasks and team members is one thing. Being able to fully step into the role of leadership to bring out the best in your people is another. Our Leader as Coach program is built on well-researched practices, tools and approaches traditionally taught to leadership coaches.  These proven practices also enable stronger leadership behaviors through better coaching, feedback and dialogue. In this 4-month virtually delivered program, participants will learn skills and implement new behaviors to help them:


·    Gain self and other awareness

·    Foster productive communication and supportive feedback 

·    Motivate and inspire individual and team performance

·    Hold an effective coaching session with accountable outcomes

·    Develop individuals through delegations and appropriate levels of             authority

·    Develop cross-functional relationship and peer support

I am so grateful to have gotten to participate in this program. It has truly changed the way I view my role as a manager and my potential. You all did a fantastic job making this work in a digital format. It gave me more time to apply the skills as I learned them, instead of being overwhelmed by content in a one or two day workshop.

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