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Image by Héctor J. Rivas

Leadership Accelerator

Business Meeting

Our world needs leaders who can move at the speed of their organization. Yet, in many companies, their remains a significant leadership gap. Talent with tremendous potential have traditionally lacked the modeling and development opportunities to grow into senior leadership roles.  Often this stems from a lack of visibility and customized development experiences.  As a result, high-potential and often underrepresented talent pools have been left behind.


To address the gap, our Leadership Accelerator program has been developed to help managers and directors gain leading edge skills to better prepare them for current and future leadership roles.  In this 6-month virtual program participants will learn and implement new behaviors to help them:


·    Identify and overcome personal biases and derailers

·    Own authority and assert it effectively

·    Communicate with confidence and clarity

·    Gain influence with stakeholders and senior leaders

·    Develop an inclusive, effective and inspired team (virtually and in-                 person) 

·    Enhance agility, business impact awareness, and future thinking skills

·    Lead through corporate change, ambiguity and uncertainty

Loved the virtual extended format, interaction with my peers/cohort,

and the one-on-ones with my coach really helped me personalize and apply the lessons.

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