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Todd Weinstein

Weinstein, Todd.jpg

Executive Coach 


Team Facilitator​

Todd Weinstein is an experienced leadership coach and facilitator who brings a sense of challenge, empathy and creative curiosity to help leaders and their teams focus on the critical areas that will significantly accelerate growth and performance.


Todd has 20 years of experience as an advisor, coach, mentor or facilitator to hundreds of leaders at all levels and with diverse teams in a wide range of industries. His coaching is based on rigorous training at the world-renowned Hudson Institute of Coaching and accredited through the International Coaching Federation (ICF).


Todd’s work experience includes his current work as a leadership coach, group facilitator, and consultant. Prior to this, Todd held multiple leadership roles including leading the Leadership Development, Talent Development and Organizational Change functions for a Fortune 500 retailer and served as a Strategic HR Business Partner to members of various executive teams.


Todd helps business leaders navigate complexity so they gain more awareness of what is working well, and more clarity about what is really getting in the way of what they want. Todd’s clients describe his style as “insightful, professional, empathetic and committed.” In his words, “the leaders I work with gain an increased sense of shared purpose and collective ownership, and because of that, work feels more meaningful.” 

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