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Leadership Accelerator 

Business Meeting

Our world needs leaders who can move at the speed of their organization. Yet, in many companies, there remains a significant leadership gap. Talent with tremendous potential have traditionally lacked the modeling and development opportunities to grow into senior leadership roles.  Often this stems from a lack of visibility and customized development experiences.  As a result, high-potential and often underrepresented talent pools have been left behind. Learn More...

Leader As Coach

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Managing tasks and team members is one thing.  Being able to fully step into the role of leadership to bring out the best in your people is another. Our Leader as Coach program is built on well-researched practices, tools and approaches traditionally taught to leadership coaches that also enable stronger leadership behaviors through better coaching, feedback and dialogue. Learn More...

Leadership Agility

Image by Brooke Cagle

The pace of change in business was unrelenting prior to the pandemic of 2020.  Now this velocity has only increased and shows no signs of slowing down.  Leaders who succeed in the current environment do so by making sense of the complexity around them, reading the needs of their people and their business, and adapting their approach accordingly. Learn More...

Individual Coaching

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While individual coaching is integrated into many of our programs, at times our clients have found value in customized coaching engagements to develop identified talent. These engagements begin with a combination of in-depth interviews and assessments to identify the candidate's development needs. Learn More...

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