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Individual Coaching 

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While individual coaching is integrated into many of our programs, at times our clients have found value in customized coaching engagements to develop identified talent. These engagements begin with a combination of in-depth interviews and assessments to identify the candidate's development needs. Once clear objectives are agreed upon, leading-edge skills and interpersonal disciplines are combined with on-the-job implementation to create a powerful shift in performance, effectiveness, and leadership ability. Coaching engagements are 3-6 months in length and can be extended if needed. The process generally includes:


·    The Inside Coach pre and post 360 multi-rater assessment

·    DISC Success Insights Report 

·    Assessment review and assimilation 

·    Development plan

·    Bi-weekly, weekly, or monthly coaching sessions

·    60 minutes as-needed coaching per month

·    Progress discussions with key stakeholders

"My coach brought a wealth of experience to every session.  The results were invaluable to my leadership skills, career, and personal well-being."


Julia Howe 

Global Marketing 

Twentieth Century Fox 

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